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Maximizing Steam System Efficiency

Turnkey Solutions

Mosto Tech Services Turnkey Solutions

In 2014 Mosto Tech Services was incorporated to provide full turnkey solutions and GC services to the Mosto Technology client base.  Mosto Tech Services works with local PE engineering services, steam fitters, plumbers, sheet metal, insulators, controls, and electrical companies to provide all-inclusive project services.

Services Included

  • PRV Digital Control Upgrades
  • PRV Preventative Maintenance Services
  • HP Trap Monitoring Services
  • Control Valve and Isolation Valve Installation
  • Perimeter Heating Controls
  • Energy Metering/Sub Metering Solutions
  • Hot Water Heater Installation
  • Condensate Pre heating solutions
  • Steam Trap Replacement
  • Vacuum Pump and Condensate Pump Installation
  • HX and Fan Coil Replacement
  • Insulation and Insulation Jackets
  • Humidification

Notable Projects

  • 600 3rd Ave Riser PRV Project
  • GSA / Trane Steam System Upgrades
  • 55 Water Steam System Upgrades
  • 625 Madison Domestic Hot Water Preheating
  • 1251 HP Riser PRV
  • 33 Maiden Ln Electric sub metering project
  • 450 W 33rd St condenser and chilled water sub metering project
  • Empire State Building Electric Actuator
  • 11 Madison Ice plant sub metering project